ARTFORM: Centre for Artificial Intelligence & Formal MethodsArtform

Members of Artform research into the abstract models, the technology and the validation aspects of intelligent systems. Our strengths lie in AI Planning, Constraint Programming and Pattern Recognition. Artform's leaders have international reputations for their research work. Both Prof Smith and Prof McCluskey have served as members of EPSRC's Electoral College in Computing.

Currently Artform has a dozen distinct research projects, four of which are EPSRC-funded and several are European-wide, funded through Framework IV. We are a leading node in 'PLANET', the European Network of Excellence in AI Planning and Scheduling. The Constraint Programming subgroup, led by Prof Smith, are members of APES an international research group interested in Algorithms, Problems and Empirical Studies, of which Prof Smith was a founder member. Also, Artform hosts a thriving Planning and Scheduling subgroup (see menu to left).

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