ARTFORM: Planning & Scheduling Artform

Research into Planning and Scheduling in Artform has steadily increased over the last few years, with projects supported by the EPSRC, the National Air Traffic Services and the Government of Pakistan. The projects involve both fundamental and applied research, and encompass symbolic and subsymbolic AI, statistical and OR techniques. Present and recent researchers include Zahid Hussain, Michael Ingleby, Blaga Iordanova, Diane Kitchin, Donghong Liu, Lee McCluskey, Julie Porteous, Beth Richardson, Toni Roome, Steve Scott, Ron Simpson and Weihong Zhao.

Artform is a member node in the EU-funded PLANET initiative, the European Network of Excellence in Planning. Our node is responsible for looking after PLANET's Knowledge Engineering Technical Co-ordination Unit.

Research into Planning and Scheduling forms part of the School's Artform Group.

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