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1 R.M.Simpson, T. L. McCluskey, W. Zhao, R.S.Aylett, C. Doniat
An Integrated Graphical Tool to support Knowledge Engineering in AI Planning
To appear in Proceedings of the European Conference on Planning, Toledo, Spain, Sept 2001
2 T. L. McCluskey (Editor)
The Knowledge Engineering for Planning Roadmap
available online and as part of the PLANET final report to the EC, November 2000
3 D.E.Kitchin, T. L. McCluskey and R.M.Simpson
Foundations of an Object-centred Approach to Knowledge Engineering for AI Planning Applications,
Proceedings of KBCS 2000, Bombay, India, Dec 2000
4 T. L. McCluskey
A Formal Specification and a Rigorous Implementation of an AI Planner
Technical Report describing a formal method for implementing planning algorithms
5 R.M.Simpson, T. L. McCluskey, D.Liu and D.E.Kitchin
Knowledge Representation in Planning:A PDDL to OCLh Translation
Proceedings of ISMIS 2000, Charlotte, North Carolina
6 R.M.Simpson, T. L. McCluskey and D.Liu,
OCLGraph : Exploiting Object Structure in a Plan Graph Algorithm
Proceedings of ECAI 2000 Workshop on New Results in Planning, Berlin, Germany
7 T. L. McCluskey
Object Transition Sequences: A New Form of Abstraction for HTN Planners
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on AI Planning and Scheduling (AIPS-2000), AAAI Press, Breckenridge, Colarado, 2000
8 R.M.Simpson and T. L. McCluskey
An Object-Graph Planning Algorithm
Proceedings of the 18th UK Workshop on Planning and Scheduling, University of Salford, December 1999
9 T. L. McCluskey, P.Jarvis and D. E. Kitchin
OCLh: A Sound and Supportive Planning Domain Modelling Language
Technical Report, Department of Computer Science, May 1999
10 T. L. McCluskey and D.E.Kitchin,
A Tool-Supported Approach to Engineering HTN Planning Models
Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence (TAI'98), Taiwan,1998, IEEE Press
11 S.Scott, Separating Constraint Dimensions in a Scheduling Problem to Reduce Search Space', Proceedings of the European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Brighton 1998
12 T. L. McCluskey and D.E.Kitchin (Eds),
Proceedings of the 17th UK Workshop on Planning and Scheduling, University of Huddersfield, UK, 1998, ISSN 1368-5708
13 T. L. McCluskey and J. M. Porteous, Engineering and compiling planning domain models to promote validity and efficiency, Artificial Intelligence (95)1,1997, pp.1 - 65
14 D. E. Kitchin and T. L. McCluskey, "Object-Centred Planning"
Proceedings of the 15th Workshop of the UK Planning and Scheduling Special Interest Group, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool 1996
15 T.L.McCluskey, D.E.Kitchin and J.M.Porteous,
Object Centred Planning: Lifting Classical Planning from the Literal Level to the Object Level, Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Tools for Artificial Intelligence, Toulouse 1996
16 T. L. McCluskey and J. M. Porteous, Planning Speed-up via Domain Model Compilation New Directions in AI Planning Frontiers in AI and Applications Series, No 31, IOS Press, Amsterdam, Holland, ISBN 90-5199-237-8. Ghallib and Milani (eds), 1996
17 T. L. McCluskey and J. M. Porteous The Use of Sort Abstraction In Planning Domain Theories Planning and Learning: On to Real Applications. Papers from the 1994 AAAI Fall Symposium. American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI Press), ISBN 0-929280-75-X , FS-94-01 , 1995
18 T. L. McCluskey and J. M. Porteous Learning Heuristics for Ordering Plan Goals through Static Operator Analysis Methodologies for Intelligent Systems, Lecture notes in Artificial Intelligence, 869, Springer-Verlag. Z. W. Ras and M. Zemankova (eds), 1994
19 J. M. Porteous Compilation-Based Performance Improvement for Generative Planners, PhD Thesis, Department of Computer Science, The City University, London, 1993
20 T.L. McCluskey Model Adaptation: an approach to tackling the Efficiency Problem in General Planning Systems Proceedings of the 11th Workshop of the UK Planning Special Interest Group, University of Sussex, Brighton, 1992
21 T.L. McCluskey Empirical Results in Planning Speed-up using Combinations of On-line Learning Techniques Proceedings of the ML92 Workshop on Knowledge Compilation and Speedup Learning, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, 1992
22 T.L. McCluskey Empirical results from applying Machine Learning techniques to Planning IEE Colloquium on Machine Learning, IEE, Savoy Place, London, 1989
23 T.L. McCluskey The Refinement of Heuristics in a Heuristic Acquiring Planner
Methodologies for Intelligent Systems, Volume 4, pp466-475, North-Holland, 1989
24 T.L. McCluskey Explanation-based and Similarity-based Heuristic Acquisition in a General Planner Proceedings of the 4th European Working Session on Learning, Pitman, 1989
25 T.L. McCluskey Deriving a Correct Logic Program from a Formal Specification of a Non-linear Planner Methodologies for Intelligent Systems, Volume 3, pp351-358, North-Holland, 1988
26 T.L. McCluskey The Anatomy of a Weak Learning Method for use in Goal Directed Search Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Machine Learning, Morgan Kaufmann, 1987
27 T.L. McCluskey Combining Weak Learning Heuristics in General Problem Solvers
Proceedings of the 10th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Morgan Kaufman, 1987
28 T.L. McCluskey Experience-driven Heuristic Acquisition in General Problem Solvers
Ph.D. Thesis, The City University, London, 1988

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