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1 M.M.West and T. L. McCluskey (2001)
The Application of Machine Learning Tools to the Validation of an Air Traffic Control Domain Theory
To appear in the Journal of Artificial Intelligence Tools Vol10, December 2001, World Scientific Publishing
2 Barbara M Smith, Colin J Layfield and Anthony Wren (2001)
A Constraint Programming Pre-processor for a Bus Driver Scheduling System
In Constraint Programming and Large Scale Discrete Optimization, E.C. Freuder and R.J. Wallace (eds.) DIMACS vol. 57, pp. 131-148
3 T. L. McCluskey and M.M.West (2001)
The Automated Refinement of a Requirements Domain Theory
Journal of Automated Software Enginnering, vol 8, pp 195-218,
(Special Issue on Inductive Programming), Kluwer Academic Publishers, April 2001
4 Ian P Gent, Ewan MacIntyre, Patrick Prosser, Barbara Smith and Toby Walsh (2001)
Random Constraint Satisfaction: Flaws and Structure
Journal of Constraints 6 (4), pp. 345-372
5 Barbara M Smith (2001)
Constructing an Asymptotic Phase Transition in Random Binary Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Journal of Theoretical Computer Science (Special Issue on NP-Hardness and Phase Transitions) vol.265, pp. 265-283
6 Barbara M Smith, Kostas Stergiou and Toby Walsh (2000)
Using auxiliary variables and implied constraints to model non-binary problems
Proceedings of AAAI'2000, pp. 182-187
7 W. Brockhaus and M. Ingleby (2000)
Unary primes and constituent structure in language engineering
Les Cahiers de l'ICP, Bulletin de la Communication Parlée, 5, 109-129
8 T. L. McCluskey (2000)
Object Transition Sequences: A New Form of Abstraction for HTN Planners
Proceedings of AIPS'2000, Breckenridge, Colorado
9 Ian P. Gent and Barbara M. Smith (2000)
Symmetry Breaking During Search in Constraint Programming
Proceedings of ECAI'2000, pp. 599-603

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